Technical SEO Services

To truly stand out and rank higher on search engine results, you need to ensure that your website’s Gets Wrong About technical SEO aspects are finely tuned. To do that, you need a solid technical foundation and an unparalleled understanding of the latest SEO practices. That’s where the Muxtech Digital team comes in. We offer a comprehensive range of services that can boost your website’s performance, user experience, and search engine optimization visibility.

Our Technical SEO Services

Website Speed Optimization

A blazing-fast website is crucial for both user satisfaction and search engine ranking. Therefore, our professional SEO experts perform in-depth speed audits and implement various optimizations to minimize loading times. With image compression tools, efficient browser caching, and optimized code, they ensure your website loads like a breeze. To increase website speed even further, our experts employ the latest techniques such as lazy loading of images and asynchronous loading of JavaScript. These strategies reduce page load times and improve user experience.sea

Mobile Responsiveness

In the mobile-centric era, a mobile-responsive website is essential for reaching the majority of internet users. We ensure that your site adapts flawlessly to all screen sizes, providing an excellent user experience regardless of the device used. Our mobile responsiveness optimization includes rigorous testing on various devices and browsers to ensure cross-compatibility. This careful approach guarantees a seamless mobile experience for all users.

Website Crawling and Indexing

To be visible on search engines, your website must be effectively crawled and indexed. Muxtech Digital employs expert techniques to optimize your site’s accessibility and Indexing for search engine bots, elevating its visibility to new heights. As part of our crawling and indexing services, we also create and submit XML sitemaps to major search engines, expediting the indexing process and ensuring all important pages are discovered and ranked.

URL Structure Optimization

A well-structured URL not only enhances user-friendliness but also boosts its discoverability and favorability by search engines. Our team optimizes your URLs, making them concise, descriptive, and relevant, which contributes to better search engine rankings. We also conduct thorough keyword research to incorporate relevant keywords into your URL structure, enhancing your website’s keyword optimization and ranking potential.


Duplicate content can harm your SEO efforts. Therefore, Muxtech Digital uses canonical tags to specify the preferred version of a web page, preventing identical content issues and consolidating link equity. To further strengthen your canonicalization strategy, we continuously monitor your website for potential duplicate content issues and proactively address them to maintain a clean and efficient SEO profile.

SSL Certificate

Website security is a vital priority for users and search engines alike. We help you acquire and implement an SSL certificate, ensuring that your website is secure with the “HTTPS” designation, which is now a ranking factor. Our SSL certificate setup also includes regular security audits and updates to stay ahead of emerging threats and maintain a high level of protection for your website and users.

Structured Data Markup

Structured data enhances content comprehension for search engines, leading to rich search result snippets. Our crew adds structured data markup to your website, increasing the chances of your site being featured in relevant search snippets. We continually monitor and update your structured data markup to align with the latest schema and search engine guidelines, maximizing your website’s visibility in search results.

XML Sitemaps

An XML sitemap serves as a search engine roadmap, guiding them to all critical pages on your site. We create and optimize XML sitemaps, ensuring efficient crawling and Indexing of your content. Our XML sitemap optimization includes regular submission to search engines and ongoing monitoring to identify and address any crawl issues or errors.

404 Error Handling

Encountering a 404 error can be frustrating for users and search engines. Thus, our team implements custom 404 error pages and redirects to prevent users from leaving your site due to broken links. To provide a smooth user experience, we also implement personalized 404 error pages that guide users to relevant content or suggest alternative pages, reducing bounce rates.


When migrating your site or changing URLs, proper redirects are crucial to maintaining SEO value. We set up 301 redirects, preserving link juice and ensuring a seamless transition. Our redirect management involves continuous monitoring of redirected URLs, proactively identifying and resolving any issues that may emerge over time. This commitment ensures the durability of your SEO tasks.

Site Architecture and Internal Linking

A well-organized site architecture and internal linking structure enhance user navigation and search engine discoverability. We improve your website’s architecture, simplifying content discovery and accessibility for users and search engine bots. To further enhance your site architecture, we conduct periodic audits to identify and rectify any issues related to broken links or navigation barriers, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Website Accessibility

An accessible website is not only inclusive but also ranks better on search engines. Our team ensures your website meets accessibility standards, making it user-friendly for all visitors. We continually monitor and update your website’s accessibility features to make it compatible with evolving accessibility guidelines which guarantees that your site remains inclusive and SEO-friendly.

Mobile-First Indexing

With Google’s mobile-first Indexing, the mobile version of your site plays a significant role in rankings. Muxtech Digital optimizes your site for mobile-first Indexing, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable traffic. Our mobile-first indexing optimization includes ongoing monitoring of mobile rankings and user experience to identify and address any issues that may affect your mobile SEO performance.

Page Speed for Mobile

Mobile users expect fast-loading pages. Our squad fine-tunes your mobile pages to deliver exceptional speed, keeping users engaged and improving your mobile SEO. We continually analyze and optimize mobile page speed, employing techniques such as server-side rendering and resource compression to ensure lightning-fast loading times.

Robots.txt Optimization

The robots.txt file directs search engine bots on how to crawl your site. Muxtech Digital optimizes this file, guiding search engines to important content while blocking irrelevant or sensitive areas. Our robots.txt optimization includes regular updates to reflect changes in your website’s structure and content which assures that search engine bots are directed to the most valuable areas of your site.

Server and Hosting Optimization

A well-optimized server and hosting environment contribute to a smooth website experience. Our team works in collaboration with hosting providers to guarantee optimal performance for your website. We conduct regular server and hosting optimizations, including load balancing, server-side caching, and security enhancements, to ensure that your website consistently delivers the best performance.


In conclusion, our technical SEO services encompass a wide array of essential optimizations that can significantly impact your website’s performance and search engine rankings. By trusting our expertise, you can upgrade your online presence, attract more visitors, and stay ahead of the competition in the digital terrain.

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